welcome to kutz by kaine

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Experience Our Exceptional Service

Designed like a classic barbershop,  and the timeless tools of the trade,  our clean and relaxing Kutz By Kaine location will take you back to a time where taking care of how you look was part of being a man.

The Kutz By Kaine  Experience starts the moment you walk through the door, from the friendly smiles to the great music . You don’t need an appointment at Kutz By Kaine , but it helps – give us a call anytime to set one up or book online.

Pull up a chair and treat yourself to a hot lather shave. Performed with the classic straight razor and hot towels, a Kutz By Kaine  shave offers you a level of closeness that goes well beyond your average home shaving experience.

Ready for a trim?

At Kutz By Kaine , we’re all about quality and attention to detail.

Kutz By Kaine  trained professionals are schooled both in the time-honored traditions of barbering and the latest trends in contemporary styling, so you’ll leave feeling great and looking even better.